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Haunted Houses

October can be about fall arriving and leaves changing, but to many it’s about as many horror movies and haunted houses as possible. In Alabama, there are plenty of options for the latter.

From local attractions to large venues in big cities, there are haunted houses throughout the state. Some are family friendly and some are serious when they tell you to not bring your kids. If it’s pure horror you’re looking for, below is a list of five of the top haunted houses in Alabama.

5. Maze of Terror, Titus

The Maze of Terror is sponsored by the Titus volunteer fire department, but that doesn’t mean it lacks horrors. The scare factor according to Alabama Haunted Houses is “scary,” and it’s the attraction not recommended for young children. The Maze of Terror includes 10 rooms, an old farmhouse and a trip through a forest. The attraction serves as the largest fundraiser for the Titus VFD and proceeds go toward buying and servicing equipment.

4. Insanitarium Haunted Attraction, Pinson

Insanitarium follows a theme from the moment scare-seekers arrive. The story surrounds Dr. Ausnemen, who has created a machine that allows guests to see places unknown and encounter creatures unfathomable. Alabama Haunted Houses lists the scare factor as “scary,” and only ages 12 and up are appropriate.

3. Greenville Haunted Firehouse, Greenville

The Greenville Haunted Firehouse was founded in 2003 by local firefighters and has grown since. The venue gives visitors three options for the attraction: The Haunt Tour, The Teaser Ball and The Flashlight Tour. The haunt tour offers the typical scare house, while the teaser ball allows workers to take the scare experience to the next level by teasing guests. The flashlight tour is designed for children 12 and under, who are allowed to bring a flashlight with them as they travel through the haunted firehouse. Alabama Haunted Houses lists the scare factor as “scary” and the attraction reviewed 5 of five pumpkin rating.

2. Columbia Manor, Columbia

The Columbia Manor is more than 150 years old and has plenty of scary stories for guests to discover. The manor was built in 1864 and has served as home to numerous families, including for the town mayor, local doctor and others. It was also used as the doctor’s office and was later a sanitarium. The attraction dares prospective guests to travel back in time as former residence return from the afterlife with others. The Columbia Manor received 5 of five pumpkins by Alabama Haunted Houses and is listed for a “scary” rating on scare factor.

1. Sloss Fright Furnace, Birmingham

Often considered as the top haunted attraction in Alabama, Sloss Fright Furnace isn’t one to disappoint. The national landmark offers two options: The Furnace Tour and Outbreak 2. The Furnace Tour takes guests through the national landmark former furnace. It’s been voted one of America’s top haunted houses. Outbreak 2 challenges guests to survive a newly expanded zombie obstacle course. Guests also have the opportunity to choose being a zombie or survivor. Alabama Haunted Houses gives Sloss Fright Furnace a “very scary” rating for scare factor.

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