Mar 25, 2023
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Fire That Coach
If a football coach had one win in 16 seasons, the fans would demand he be fired. It's time to fire Mike Rogers.

Alabama Third District U.S. Representative Mike Rogers is being challenged by former Miss America Mallory Hagan. While many are framing this election as a referendum on the presidency of Donald Trump, we feel that it is important to make the decision based upon what is best for Alabama.

Rogers is running for his ninth term in Congress. During his 16 years in congress he has introduced 53 bills and resolutions. While Rogers deserves credit for trying time after time, only one bill introduced by Rogers has ever become law. His one success was a technical amendment to a spending bill to allow the Department of Homeland Security to spend cash donations received.

It is not gridlock, either. Republicans have controlled the House for six of his eight terms, yet most of the bills Rogers has proposed have never even come to a vote in the House.

Even if Rogers had more success convincing his colleagues to support him, it would not have been much help for the people of Alabama. Most of his bills have little to do with Alabama at all.

It has become something of a running punch-line in the Capitol, as on the first day of each new Congress Mike Rogers dutifully introduces his bill for the U.S. to quit the United Nations. This non-starter would save a fraction of a percent of our budget while potentially destabilizing U.S. foreign relations for decades.

It is time for new blood. Is is time for a change. It is time to fire Mike Rogers and see what Mallory Hagan can do for Alabama. Vote Tuesday November 6.