Feb 22, 2024
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Access Auburn's Top Ten Stories of 2023

There were not a lot of really big Auburn stories in 2023, but there were really a lot of big Auburn stories in 2023. We've made our annual list of the top stories we followed in 2023.

Top Ten Stories for 2023
  1. Finally, Buc-ee's Is Here
  2. The Fall of Taylor
  3. Freeze Portal
  4. Auburn Training, Sir!
  5. The Sky Bar Trials
  6. It's the Economy, Stupid!
  7. Indian Pines Crossing
  8. Rolling the Trees Again
  9. Five Diamonds
10. Passings

  1. After all the hype, Buc-ee's opened in Auburn April 10 and if you don't go that way often, you have probably forgotten, but the gas, food and what-not merchant has become a popular stop for interstate travelers.

  2. It is sad to watch a spiral in real time, but many of the headlines in 2023 dealt with the ongoing legal issues of Johnston Taylor, the young man who was given a second chance after causing the deaths of Rod and Paula Bramlett, but has been caught with kiddie porn and faking a drug test.

  3. Hugh Freeze used the transfer portal to remake the 2023 Auburn Tigers football team and get Auburn into a bowl game.

  4. A major focus in Auburn city governance has be the construction of a Public Safety Training Facility in North Auburn.

  5. Sky Bar owner, Pat Grider was convicted of groping a woman and registered as a sex offender, but on a appeal a new trial was order and a jury found him not guilty.

  6. It's a good time to have a job or be in the job market, as the local economy roared, reaching a 2% unemployment rate, among the best in the country.

  7. The municipal golf course formerly known as Indian Pines, was reimagined, redeveloped and given a new moniker, Pines Crossing.

  8. After poison, fire and drought, the latest oak trees at Toomer's Corner were green-lighted for toilet paper-fueled victory celebrations in 2023.

  9. After opening in 2022, in 2023 the Laurel Hotel and Spa received the coveted AAA Five Diamond rating only give to the finest luxury hotels.

  10. Among the passings we noted in 2023 were singer-songwriter and former Auburn student, Jimmy Buffet; Bow and Arrow chef, Dave Roberson; and Olympian and former track star and head coach at Auburn, Harvey Glance.