Apr 15, 2024
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Europe 2004 Tour
Ok, gang: In case you didn't know I was gone, I'm back and now it's time to start paying for the trip. Along with a dozen or so of our closest friends, her highness, my wife and I toured Southern Europe for the past two weeks.

Now to make the trip a tax-deductible business expense, I must detail my experience journalistically, including every trinket and meals--especially the trinkets and meals.

But we begin with a photo essay of the pictures from the trip. For now, the photos are in the order in which they were taken. I have identified the city when we changed location, plus a few other comments thrown in. I will try to add more later--before the memory is completely gone. I have not identified any of our fellow travelers in respect of their privacy, but many will doubtless recognize some the Auburnites who made the trip with us.

Special thanks goes to Art who organized the trip and Leigh at Travel Travel who helped us with our personal arrangements and itinerary. She really knows her stuff!